What do I do at a Kirtan?

What do I do at a Kirtan?

If you’ve never been to a live Kirtan event, you might wonder what you do there. This quick post can help fill in some of the blanks for you.

Kirtan is call and response chant that clears your mind and connects you with the Divine. The energy is powerful and palpable. There is no preaching or sermon. No one will attempt to recruit or convert you. We simply gather to share the warm experience of community chant.

You’ll arrive a few minutes early at the Kirtan location, often a yoga studio, interdenominational church, or private home. You’ll find chairs arranged and pillows for sitting on the floor, yoga style. Most locations request that you remove your shoes as you enter.

You can meet and quietly visit with the people assembled. They are all nice folks. Or simply sit in meditation and gratitude.

When the concert begins, the leader will direct you and lead you in the chant. The words are simple and you’ll learn them fast. You can do whatever your spirit moves: sit quietly, meditate, sing along, lie down, stand up, dance, sing harmony, play percussion instruments, or clap your hands.

Between chants, you’ll enjoy a time of silence to enjoy and bask in the energy generated by the music and chanting. You won’t hear applause between songs.

When the concert concludes, you can visit quietly with fellow audience members. The Kirtan band members often visit with the audience. They appreciate feedback and comments of gratitude.

If there is a love offering donation basket, please give to the level that you have enjoyed the concert. A suggest donation of $10 per person covers the costs of the venue and the musician’s expenses to travel and perform. The musicians will frequently offer recordings that you can purchase to enjoy at home or as you travel.

Then, share your experience with others who are like minded.

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