What are we singing about?

What are we singing about?

The chant is a meditative practice, allowing you to let go — even if for a little while — of your troubles and busy mind. The world of problems seems to melt way with every verse of chant you sing.

In Kirtan, we sing sacred names of God in Sanskrit. Why would we sing in a dead language, one nobody used on a daily basis?

The answer is because of the vibrational element of the words trigger something in our DNA that causes us to move to a different, more open state of mind. If you’re willing to try it with an open mind, you might be surprised at what happens.

When we perform, Kris describes the deity energy that we are invoking in the chant and often tells a bit of the history and intention behind the chant. She also holds monthly chant classes where she discusses the meaning of the chant words.

Come learn about what we are chanting and why we are singing and feel the transcendence of Kirtan.