What do I do at a Kirtan?

If you’ve never been to a live Kirtan event, you might wonder what you do there. This quick post can help fill in some of the blanks for you. Kirtan is call and response chant that clears your mind and connects you with the Divine. The energy is powerful and palpable. There is no preaching or sermon. No one will attempt to recruit or convert you. We simply gather to share the warm experience of community chant. You’ll arrive a few minutes early at the Kirtan location, often a yoga studio, interdenominational church, or private home. You’ll find chairs arranged and pillows for sitting on the floor, yoga style. Most locations request that you remove your shoes as you enter. You can meet and quietly visit with the people assembled. They are all nice folks. Or simply sit in meditation and gratitude. When the concert begins, the leader will direct you and lead you in the chant. The words are simple and you’ll learn them fast. You can do whatever your spirit moves: sit quietly, meditate, sing along, lie down, stand up, dance, sing harmony, play percussion instruments, or clap your hands. Between chants, you’ll enjoy a time of silence to enjoy and bask in the energy generated by the music and chanting. You won’t hear applause between songs. When the concert concludes, you can visit quietly with fellow audience members. The Kirtan band members often visit with the audience. They appreciate feedback and comments of gratitude. If there is a love offering donation basket, please give to the level that you have enjoyed the concert. A suggest donation of $10 per person... read more

What are we singing about?

The chant is a meditative practice, allowing you to let go — even if for a little while — of your troubles and busy mind. The world of problems seems to melt way with every verse of chant you sing. In Kirtan, we sing sacred names of God in Sanskrit. Why would we sing in a dead language, one nobody used on a daily basis? The answer is because of the vibrational element of the words trigger something in our DNA that causes us to move to a different, more open state of mind. If you’re willing to try it with an open mind, you might be surprised at what happens. When we perform, Kris describes the deity energy that we are invoking in the chant and often tells a bit of the history and intention behind the chant. She also holds monthly chant classes where she discusses the meaning of the chant words. Come learn about what we are chanting and why we are singing and feel the transcendence of... read more

House Kirtans

Imagine an evening in the comfort of your own home, with your close friends, sharing the warm feeling of live music taking you to a place of connection and bliss. That’s a house Kirtan. And we love to perform them. We usually do them acoustically: no amplifiers needed. A house concert usually starts around 7:00 pm and lasts for 90 minutes. Often, the host will prepare light snacks and ask guests to bring food or drink to share. The performance fee depends upon travel requirements. Often, the host will sponsor a portion of the fee with guests providing a love donation making up the rest of the fee. Contact us for our current performance fee. What you need to do: Select a date that works for you and your friends. Contact us to see if we’re available on that date. Send us a deposit to hold the date. We’ll perform on that date. If you have some favorite songs, we’ll be sure to include them in our set. Pay the remainder of the performance fee. Enjoy the energy of Kirtan shared with your guests. Contact us today to discuss bringing Kirtan to your home or... read more